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"Feeling any better?"
"I was until I got a frozen MSN because of the mass flood of IMs." 
"… sorry, then. I’ll go." 

Well, excuse me for being concerned about you, even after you basically told me I was useless last night. 

answered 2 years ago on 21 September 2012  

Sorry for the late response to your last post but, You should do what you think is right, Ask him why your friend(s) only talks to you when they have a shitty day. You gotta start asking questions now, Even tell them you feel like being used like a emotional dumpster, Even if it costs your friendship with these people. You gotta be strong, Don't let people like these put YOUR life down, Hope this helped, even for a bit...


Thanks for the advice. 
Telling people how I really feel isn’t normally my strong point, but I see what you mean. I need to tell them how they’re making me feel.  

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Man, I fucking hate it when people only contact you because they’re feeling blue. 

Like, is that all I’m good for to you? Seriously? You can’t bother to contact me unless you wanna rant about your problems? My favorite part is when I ask if there’s anything I can do, and you brush it off like my words and effort mean nothing. 

If you’re really as lonely as you claim to be — if people really don’t care about you — the fact that someone cares enough to ask at all should more than suffice. But no, you’ve gotta act all fuckin’ dramatic as shit about it, like you’re monologuing on stage. 

Here’s a news flash for you: if you can’t treat me like a friend any other time and converse normally, why should I give you the time of day during your times of need? 

I’m not your shrink.

I’m your friend.

While I’m willing to be there for you, that doesn’t mean that you can schedule a surprise appointment and ignore me during the rest of the week. 

I just… ugh.

This bothers me.  

answered 2 years ago on 15 September 2012  

For your post, I would say to at least take it slowly, See if he is flirting with you, not like joking flirting (If that makes any sense) Since I don't know anything about romance, And if he is flirting for real, Flirt back once or twice, That's what I can say


Alrighty. Thank you for the advice. I’ll see how it goes. c: 

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Alright, so… how the hell do you tell if someone’s seriously flirting with you or not? 
I’ve been talking to someone recently, and they’ve been really nice and flirty and all, but… I’ve noticed that they make flirty comments with a lot of people.

I mean, they seem like a great person, and we have a lot in common… I could definitely see myself liking them, but I don’t know if they’re actually interested in me, or just playing around with me.

Can’t help but feel confused, especially since I don’t have any experience with relationships and whatnot.